Mission Statement

MS Nurses play an integral role in providing support and advice on everyday issues for people with MS and co-ordinate a collaborative approach to management. However, as the responsibilities of the MS Nurse continue to expand, the findings of the largest survey of MS Nurses across Europe MS-NEED: European Survey (2010), highlighted that there are significant disparities in the provision and quality of service provided by MS Nurses. Therefore, there is a need to not only raise awareness of the role of the MS Nurse, but also to standardise their training in order to underpin their position in the management of MS and to optimise care for people with MS.

MS Nurse Professional

The mission of MS Nurse Professional, developed by the MS-NEED Study Group, is:

  • To provide a modular, online training curriculum to support the evolving role of European MS Nurses, in line with the recently published MS Nurse Consensus Paper titled “Moving Towards the Pan-European Unification and Recognition of MS Nurses”
  • To increase the competency of MS Nurses in patient / family advocacy and brokerage, health education, symptom and treatment management
  • To develop leadership skills for the advancement of patient care

MS-NEED is led by the EMSP in collaboration with the IOMSN and RIMS

The mission of the MS-NEED Study Group is:

  • To understand the changing role of MS Nurses in Europe
  • To raise awareness of the role and identify best practice for education, certification and training of MS Nurses
  • To encourage comprehensive services to people with MS by MS Nurses across Europe
  • To identify areas where the MS Nurse role can be changed or expanded to improve patient quality of life

MS Nurse Professional and the accompanying Consensus Paper supports the European Commission’s Modernising the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC), which aims to ensure alignment of healthcare practices across Europe. This directive establishes the rules for mutual recognition of qualifications when professionals (including those from the health sector) want to provide their services or establish themselves in another Member State.