Anne Winslow

MS NEED Steering Committee

Anne has been working with people with physical disabilities for almost 25 years in social work and then in social/health/personal services policy, development and management both at organisational and national Governmental levels. Previously Anne worked as Director of Services and Deputy Chief Executive with the Irish Wheelchair Association. During her time there, Anne led European funded projects which involved working in partnership with member states as well as advocating with interested MEP's.

Anne was Chief Executive of Multiple Sclerosis Ireland until end of 2011. She was Chairperson of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland until Oct 2011 when she finished a three year term. Currently Anne is Treasurer of the Disability Federation of Ireland; Vice President of European Multiple Sclerosis Platform and Chairperson of the MS Need steering Group (This group is working on the Professional Development of nurses working with People with MS). Anne is committed to relevant and appropriate quality of life treatments and personal outcomes for People Living with MS and their families.

Anne Winslow has nothing to disclose